Bumpdate Week 18 (and some days)

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maternity pictures 18 weeks

18 weeks maternity pictures

maternity pictures 18 weeks

HOW BIG IS BABY: As big as a sweet potato! Or 5.6 Inches long!

WEIGHT GAIN: About the same as last time! I’m growing in my tummy but not gaining much weight as of lately!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I’m still holding off as long as possible but I caved and bought maternity leggings and oh my amazing!! Those baby’s are a life changer! I don’t think I’ve taken them off since and I don’t plan to after our babe arrives!

SLEEP: I’m still sleeping really well and soaking it all in!!

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Probably seeing my family! My little nieces are so cute and get so excited around me now! They always mention the baby in my tummy and they were kissing it and talking to it on Sunday! My two year old niece was sitting on my stomach last week looking inside my belly button and putting her finger into it with a super serious look on her face! I asked her what she was doing and she said “I want to see the baby!” I tried explaining to her that the baby didn’t come out that way and she yelled “It’s locked!?” laughing, I said “Yeah! It’s locked!” and she said super worried “We have to get the keys!!” hahaha! It was hilarious! It’s fun seeing them get more excited! It’s definitely making me more excited about having this baby. (:

WEIRD PREGNANCY MOMENT: I kind of blacked out at work today.. I didn’t realize how much pressure was on my chest and stomach with my garments and bra being a little small. Mostly my garments, it felt like they were crushing my ribs! I got super light headed and had to lift up my top under neath my shirt and bend over and really concentrate on my breathing and getting oxygen! I was fine and had a drink of water but I think it’s time for some maternity undies! (;

MOVEMENT: I can totally feel the baby now! It’s so weird! Jake has been able to feel too! It happens more and more everyday! At first it was only at night but now I can randomly feel little punches/kicks throughout the day! It’s like popcorn popping in my tummy!

FOOD CRAVINGS: I still don’t have any crazy cravings yet! Just random ones here and there.. English muffins have been pretty awesome with jam and nutella. Smoothie’s are good and cereal is still a good choice always. Although I don’t really need these suddenly, they always sound good!

ANYTHING MAKING YOU SICK: Sugar makes me sick still depending on the time of the day that I eat it. If I have a dirty DP (Which is pretty likely nowadays) too late in the evening it gives me acid reflux. Oh and guac. Still not a fan of that stuff. I hope I like it again some day. But for now, YUCK.

GENDER: We find out on next week on thursday!! I’m still thinking girl and Jake admitted he feels like it’s a girl too.. Any guesses!?

MISSING: Summer activities! I really want to go to a theme park and enjoy all the crazy rides! Or not worrying about what I’m eating. I also miss having a tan.. I’m so white right now it’s sad.

DREAMS: Last night I had a dream about our anatomy ultrasound and it was a girl! I just kept screaming “Yes! I knew it! I knew it was a girl!” I also had a dream that Jake and I were pioneers… We were trekking from some airport and we had two little girls and Jake totally bailed on me! Haha! He was like “I can’t do this anymore! I’m done!” What the heck dream Jake!?

SYMPTOMS: I have a little bit of acid reflux at night but it’s not too bad yet! I also woke up the other night with a really intense leg cramp in both of my legs!! I was rolling around in our bed and woke up to the pain and it felt like a dream until it stopped. It was so crazy! I’ve been eating bananas and drinking more water and it hasn’t happened since and I’m praying it stays that way!

WHAT IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Knowing what our baby is! It’s killing me! I just want to start the nursery and pick out a name and feel prepared! (Hi nesting stage, nice to see ya!)

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I can’t wait for our cruise! We leave next week and I’m getting nervous and excited all at once!! We are ready for it and I can’t wait! I haven’t decided if I’m going to make everyone wait to know what we’re having until after we are home or not! I also can’t wait to be back from our cruise! My brother is getting married and for the first time in seriously so long all of our siblings will be together! I can’t wait for our big family reunion! Also, Jake is totally awesome! I love that guy! He’s been so patient with me but to the point where he is sweet, but doesn’t put up with my junk! It’s just what I need and I feel so in love with him lately! It’s intensifying, I swear!

Loves, Baby Boo, Devan and Jake

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  • Addie Robertson
    August 14, 2014

    You better tell me before you leave!! Haha!

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