Bumpdate 25 weeks

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25 weeks bump pictures

Maternity pictures 25 weeks

Maternity picture ideas 25 weeks


HOW BIG IS BABY: Food comparison – Cauliflower. Inches -13.6 – 14.8  Average weight is 1.5 – 2.5 lbs LBS!!! Finally!

BUMP MEASUREMENTS: 39 inches around the biggest part of my belly. 14 Inches from the top of my bump to my pelvic bone. My stomach fluctuates so much throughout the day and week!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I wear my maternity pants and leggings every day! They’re awesome and so comfy! The band that covers my tummy makes it feel more rounded and bump like, I love them!

SLEEP: It really depends on the night. Sometimes I’ll sleep super deep and only wake up just to switch my positions and fall right back asleep and other nights I swear I’m up all night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. My back pain is what keeps me up some nights. I’ve had a few mornings when I wake up at 6 AM and I’m up for the day! At least until noon, then I get all tired again!

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Ordering our crib and buying a rug for the nursery!! Yay for progress! I can’t wait until our crib gets here! It’s exactly what I wanted and I love it! Oh and this weather! I’m loving the rain and chilly air!

WEIRD PREGNANCY MOMENT: Getting so tired so quickly has definitely been an adjustment! I’m starting to get winded quickly again and I get super worn out doing normal daily activities! Like doing my hair! Haha!

MOVEMENT: Still feeling her in there! (; She moves around lots! Especially after eating and when I’m laying in bed!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Toast and hot chocolate are my favorite lately! Mostly because this weather is making me feel all cozy!

ANYTHING MAKING YOU SICK: Still the same as normal. Processed sugar too late in the day gets my acid reflux going. Smells and foods haven’t been bothering me. Except guacamole still makes me cringe.

GENDER: Little girl. (: I still can’t believe it! I’m so excited to meet her in January!

MISSING: The only thing I really miss is being little again! I organized my baby bump pictures the other day and got super sad seeing how small my tummy used to be! I sure popped these last 3-4 weeks! Oh and shopping for fall sweaters for a skinny-me. Haha I miss the cute fall trends for my normal sized self!

DREAMS: I don’t remember any specifically other than my dreams being really scary lately! I get probably 4 scary dreams a week!

SYMPTOMS: Well first, pregnancy brain. I hate that term. But I am constantly forgetting things! Back pain is an on and off thing. It depends on the day! My feet are swollen as usual but depending on how much I’m on my feet or if I work that day, they get so swollen! Oh and my legs, feet, arms and hands are constantly falling asleep! Seriously everything makes them tingly! Sitting down with my legs crossed, sitting down with my feet up, laying down haha anything! the wrong position makes them tingly super quick! Getting ready every day makes both of my legs fall asleep! My dark line is also starting to show up on my tummy. It’s still super faint but still visible, at least to me!

WHAT IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: JANUARY!! Is it too soon to be wishing for her due date? I am so anxious lately!

RANDOM THOUGHTS: This post is a little dull because I just posted a week ago, but I went apple picking with my friend on my 25 week mark and wanted to show a couple of the adorable pictures we took! The colors and lighting were so fun! I’m obsessed with fall and it was the perfect activity to kick it off!Now to make some apple pie and cobbler! YUM
I think our baby girl is seriously afraid of the light! Every time she starts kicking or rolling I lift up my shirt or blankets to take and peek and she stops! As soon as I cover my tummy back up, she gets active again! She is definitely not a performer!
Saturday was Jakes birthday and it was so nice to go out and spend some alone time together! Taking advantage of this parent free life is just what we need! I love having alone time with Jake and I’m a little nervous to no longer have that but I’m so excited to see how we work together as parents and take care of our new baby!
I promise next time I post it will be more interesting to read, but thanks for reading anyway! Expect vacation pictures soon! It’s been a long time coming!

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  • Addie Robertson
    September 29, 2014

    Hot hot prego mama. You make me want babies. Waaaah!

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