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Let’s admit it, we have all had our moments when we forget to take a step back to appreciate what others do for us and instead, give our lovely family an earful rather than a thank you!


On this particular post, I want to write about our special day, before I forget the good little details. I want to write about the things that mattered most to me and the things that could have ruined our day, but only made it more perfect!


The night before our wedding, my sister  Chauncey threw me a bachelorette party! It was super fun & filled with games, pizza, yummy desserts and great friends! I had to get up at about 6:30 the next morning to leave for the temple and do preparations for our sealing. Being way too excited and anxious, I woke up before my alarm went off! This doesn’t happen. I like my sleep! I will click “snooze” multiple times before I finally decide it’s time to wake up! But I just couldn’t wait any longer! So I got showered, pampered, dressed and ready to go! I can’t really describe the feelings that I had on the way up to the temple. I felt mostly peaceful and content. I wrote my dad and step mom a letter on the way up to distract myself from counting the miles until we got there and it definitely helped! After checking in, getting our lockers and getting dressed, I got to see my extremely handsome fiancé! It was such a relief! The temple workers let us sit in a temple room in silence for about 30 minutes before we were married. It was amazing. The rush of emotions that I had were incredible. We were both so happy. I was getting a little nervous and starting to shake, but I still felt so calm! Our sealing was absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t have done it any different! After we changed, we went outside to meet everyone and it was raining! Up until our wedding day, I told myself that rain was good luck to calm myself down. I also told myself that if it actually rained, I would become a freakin’ bridezilla! But I was SO happy to finally be married to Jake that it didn’t matter! It made such a good memory for us to have! We took pictures, got dressed and went home to our luncheon! It was a perfect opportunity to spend time with our family before our reception, because you really don’t have time to make small talk then, I promise!

At our reception we had a line for about an hour and welcomed our guests. We had our first dance, our father daughter/mother son dance, the bouquet toss, the garter toss & the cake cutting all in a row which left nothing else to do than party and mingle! It was perfect. (:

Our day could have been ruined by the rain, missing loved ones, cutting my knee while shaving, even dirty wet shoes and hair! I loved every minute of it and wouldn’t change it for anything. For everyone that has asked or has yet to ask me, the married life is great! I love being married and sealed to the love of my life!

We have great things to come and I will keep you all updated


Loves, Devan

Our Story

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I’ve been meaning to make a blog for a long time now, but I couldn’t think of what to blog about, I couldn’t think of a name, and I was probably just a little lazy all at the same time! What is a better way to start a blog than with the story of how your sweetheart asked you to marry him!? So in honor of my new blog, here is the story of mine and Jake’s engagement!

As some of you may know, I used to work at a jewelry store in the Provo mall, which provided Jake an incredible discount on my engagement ring, but also allowed me to know when he purchased it! As awesome as that may sound, it totally SUCKED! I was always expecting Jake to pop the question! I convinced myself that I would just know when he did it and I was finally okay with knowing that it wouldn’t be a surprise!

This past weekend, I went on a 5 day vacation with my cousin Katie and her family to stay in a condo community in St. George, Utah. We got there Friday evening and had a full schedule planned!

Saturday we went to Sand Hollow in Hurricane, Utah and went cliff jumping! Katie’s friend Kyle came down that afternoon. I KNEW that Jake was going to come down with him and “surprise” me that night! Katie and Kyle had planned a night for us to go watch a musical in the Tuacahn Theater. I got all dolled up and dressed the cutest that I could while still looking casual enough to act surprised.

Needless to say, it didn’t happen. I was bummed, but at the same time relieved. I could enjoy my trip without expecting anything and just talk to my sweetie from down the State and look forward to my homecoming with lots and lots of kisses!

I was still expecting Jake to ask me either the day that I came home, or at least the following Friday. Actually, I suspected just about any other day than the day that he actually did it!

So Tuesday rolls around, I am SUPER anxious to get packed up and come home to see Jake on Wednesday after a very long 5 days! I had started making plans for Tuesday night as my last night in St George and talked to Jake about it. He kept saying “Just not tonight! I don’t know why, but it doesn’t seem right. Tomorrow it will all make sense. Just trust me!” I was so frustrated and confused! I just didn’t get it! Why wouldn’t he let me do what I wanted!? I vented to Katie about my frustration and she agreed with me! I said to her “I just don’t get it! The only reason why he should be acting this weird is if he was somehow proposing tonight, which I KNOW he isn’t! So why is he so weird!” Katie let me in on her secret about Jake planing to come down on Saturday and proposing but her dad had advised him not to. Just so the trip wouldn’t be so focused on my desire to just leave and be with my Fiance.

Well, I got ready, and painted me nails with the new polish that Katie talked me into getting (She was so sneaky but so good!) I put on an outfit that I seemed pleased enough with that I actually took a picture of it and sent it to Jake to see for himself! Katie and Kyle made plans to go out to dinner with Kyle’s family that lives out there. We went to Cafe Rio and had a great time and planned on going to hike up to dixie rock that night! So after dinner Kyle said to me “Devan, how about I give you the full St. George experience and take you to get some frozen yogurt at Krave!” Krave just so happens to be a delicious frozen yogurt place that Jake and I had found on an earlier trip for my friend Nikki’s wedding! One of the walls are see through plexi glass and they give you dry-erase markers to doodle with while eating delicious yogurt!

There was only one part on the board with writing and it said “Jake was here” I thought it was awesome! I even joked to Katie and Kyle and said “What if this was Jake! Haha! “Jake was here, now go here.” Like a scavenger hunt for our engagement!” They both just awkwardly laughed. (It really wasn’t him. Just a coincidence.)

And so we left! We were headed up to Dixie Rock. (Finally) If you haven’t been there, Dixie rock has two separate rocks. The first one has steps in it and there is a bridge to the second rock that has the writing on the side of it.

So I started walking up the first rock and saw a group of people holding signs! I freaked out and thought “Oh no! I’m walking in on someone else’s engagement!!” I turned around and started to walk back down the steps when Katie said “Devan, go up there!” When I looked back, I recognized that the group of people were some of my family! My little brother Kallem, my little sisters Lexxy and Ady, my Dad, and my step mom Erinn. They were all holding different signs with different important dates of our relationship. Lexxy’s said “June 22, 2012. The day I met a girl.” Erinn’s said “June 29, 2012. The day that girl became MY girl.” Ady’s said “August, 2012. The day a ski lift ride became an “I love you” moment.” Kallem’s said “November 10. Note to self: Don’t ever forget her birthday!” and My Dad’s said “June 11, 2013. The day I take a Princess and ask her to be my Queen.” After I read them all, I crossed the bridge and saw Jake coming towards me on the second rock. It was like a movie! I ran to him and gave him a huge hug and LOTS and LOTS of kisses! After a few minutes of saying “I love you” to each other, my sweet boyfriend got down on one knee, and became my Fiance by saying “Devan, will you marry me?” I SAID YES! It took me a few minutes to realize that I was shaking so much! I could hardly keep my hands still and if it hadn’t been for the wind, I would have been a sloppy sweating mess! We stayed up on the rock and took lots of pictures, kissed each other lots and then went to a drink place called “Swig” then we went to the St. George Temple and walked on the grounds, sat and talked about our future and told our friends and family about our night! (:














I love him so much and I CAN NOT wait until he becomes my husband! We don’t have a date set yet, but I will keep you all posted.

Loves, Devan