Seven Months!

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7 month baby pictures

7 month baby pictures

Baby pictures

Sooo I’m a little late.. but what else is new, right? (; I’m absolutely freaking out about the fact that Lenna is closer to her first birthday than she is to her birth! (all of the crying faces here.) She is getting so big and opinionated and FUN! Every day is a different challenge and it’s hard but it’s SO worth it. I love getting to know our little girl! She’s a wild one!

LOVES: Going on walks. Being outside. Waking up in the morning or from naps. Eating food/feeding herself. Her stinkin’ binky! Blankets. Jittery unicorn toy. Seriously, that thing is the bomb! Exploring/crawling/looking around! She is veryyy curious lately! DOOR STOPPERS. What even!? She is seriously obsessed. she pulls on them until they come off then puts them in her mouth! It freaks me out so we have random door stoppers that are out cause I don’t want her to swallow the rubber thing!

HATES: Getting dress and getting her diaper changed. It’s a nightmare. Every. Single. Time. Being alone. Bonking her head. (for obvie reasons) Standing up against something that she can’t get down from. She just screams haha! Heights! Just like her dad!

MILESTONES: She started pulling herself up to the couch like the day after I posted my last one! It stresses me out and makes me so so sad!! She’s getting too big! She has started walking along the couch kind of. she will walk now when we hold her hands and help her! SAID MAMA! I was changing her diaper and she kind of whined while she said it but it was so cute!

SIZES: Size 3 diapers! she switched to size 3 like a few days after my last post. I could have even switched sooner! 3-6 month clothing. Some 6-9 but it’s still pretty big. Except for onesies. Those fit her pretty good! I don’t even know her weight, but I’m guessing she’s close to 18-20 lbs!?

HAIR: Still brown and coming in long and thick! (:

EYES: They are pretty hazel, but depending on the lighting/time of day they go more brown or green! When she cries they look suuuper green!

LOOKS LIKE MOM OR DAD: EVERYONE says she looks just like me. But I still see Jake in there! (;

SLEEP: She has consistently slept through the night the last couple months! She goes down between 8-9 depending on what we have done that day. She has a bath almost every night (unless we aren’t home) and gets her jammies a bottle and goes to sleep! She mostly puts herself to sleep too! I just give her a blankie and her binky and she is down for the night! Only if she’s actually sleepy though. She wakes up around 7. (Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.) for a bottle, plays for a couple hours then goes down for a long 2-3 hour nap (most days) goes back down in the afternoon for about an hour sometimes two and usually has an evening nap but I’ve been trying to cut those out so she will go to bed earlier and be more tired!

EATING: She eats lots of oatmeal cereal, purees, finger foods and is bottle fed! Just a few weeks ago she decided she liked all food and opened her mouth for every bite and gets excited when we feed her! This is also when she started sleeping much better! She started waking up in the middle of the night for a bottle and has stopped doing that since we started her on all solids! (:

SAYS: Dada, Baba, Yaya, Mama!! She doesn’t know what any of these words mean yet, but she is always talking/screaming/wailing! haha!

Loves, Devan and Lenna

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