Eight Months!

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8 month old baby pictures8 month old baby pictures8 month old babysmiling baby

Blanket (KB CUTE) | Leggings | Tunic | Headband

I am seriously loving this stage with Lenna lately! She has been so social and curious this past month! She has learned SO much and gets a little smarter every day! I love it! Sometimes I miss her being so little, but really, this age has probably my favorite! She has attitude and a big personality that is just waiting to break through! I love watching the excitement in her eyes as she discovers new things and adventures! She is the greatest blessing in our lives and I am so glad she chose us!

LOVES: Talking/screaming. Eating. Exploring -pulling books off the shelf, taking clothes out of the laundry basket, playing in our closet. Eating grown up food (our food. haha.) Bath time. Binkies and bottles. Blankets toughing her face. Grabbing her ear. This isn’t a new one, she literally grabs her ear for everything. It comforts her when she’s sad and puts her to sleep when she’s tired or drinking a bottle, she seriously loves rubbing and grabbing at her right ear! Biting on her thumbs. Chewing on everything! Still those dumb door stoppers! How do I get that to stop haha!? Ice cream! oooops..  Her tongue! She is constantly sticking it out lately!

HATES: Getting dressed still. Carrots haha! She won’t eat them! When she sees us walk away. Lately she has been a little more whiney and gets a little sad when I put her down but she is okay after about five seconds haha. When you take something away from her! She has learned to move her hand and hold on TIGHT when you try to take anything from her! (Especially something sweet or those dang door stoppers!!)

MILESTONES: Standing on her own. (ALL OF THE TEARS!!) She will only do it sometimes but she is getting stronger every day and stands for longer amounts of time every time she does it! Puts her binky/food in other peoples mouth if you say “AH”. Gives kisses. Waves “Bye bye”. Gives “Fives”. I don’t think she actually knows what any of these things mean yet but she does them on occasion and it’s dang cute! She grabbed my face yesterday and kissed me for the first time and I about cried! It was the cutest! BREAKING HER FIRST TOOTH!!! I JUST noticed today it’s just about to break through! She has been a little more whiney than usual and it totally explains it! It’s so bitter sweet but it will be SO cute once it’s all the through!

SIZES: Size 3 diapers still. 6-9 month clothing. She wore a 12 month long sleeved romper yesterday and it was still huge so I had to fold the legs up, but oh my gosh it was so cute on her! It was huge but it made her look small again! It’s normal to put your baby in big clothes to make them feel smaller, right?

HAIR: Such a pretty brown color! It’s slowly getting thicker but it’s so long on the top! haha it’s definitely long enough for a pony but it’s still pretty thin and wouldn’t hold an elastic quite yet!

EYES: I’m just going to go on ahead and say hazel! They still change SO much but mostly just back and forth to more brown or more green!

LOOKS LIKE MOM OR DAD: I still get everyone saying she looks like me. Even strangers will say so. But sometimes she pulls some faces that are all Jake! She also looks A LOT like her cousin Evie!

SLEEP: She’s been such a rockstar! (Watch her be up all night for saying this!) She still goes down at 8-9 and is down for the night. She will wake up around 7-8 and eat some food, play, have a bottle and be back down between 10-11 for another 2-3 hours and have one more late afternoon nap that’s just a short one. I swear it’s because she’s super active all day and eats like a champ!

EATING: Everything.. haha she seriously loves everything we have given her except carrots. She used to hate veggies but will down an entire jar and then some! I also add rice onto the spoon so she gets fuller and she loves it! She will still have bottles but definitely not as many!

SAYS: Dada, Baba, sometimes Mama and Yaya. But it’s only like once a week… haha! She said “BYE!” the other day! just once, it was way cute!!

Loves, Devan and Lenna

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